"World Scum"
World Scum
2nd track of the album Enslaved
Featuring Travis Ryan
Sung by Max Cavalera, Travis Ryan
Duration 5:19
Genre(s) Death metal, groove metal, black metal
Lyriced by Max Cavalera, Travis Ryan
Composed by Max Cavalera
Produced by Zeuss, Max Cavalera
Alternate title "Blood Scum"
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Released on January 25, 2012
Record label Roadrunner

"World Scum" is a track of the Soulfly album Enslaved, released in 2012. It is the album's only single released in late January 2012, while the parent album was released in mid March. "World Scum" has tremelos of Morbid Angel, Earth Crisis and Strife styles played in order. The song is regarded death metal with significant influences of black metal in it. This song features Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation on vocals. Travis' vocals was recorded at Frick'in Studios in San Marcos, California, while Max Cavalera's vocals and the rest of the song were recorded at TallCat Studios in Pheonix, Arizona. The song is about a variety of disasters making up doomsday, including wars, torture, plague and famine. In addition to imaginations, lines include real-life disasters, including JFK assassination and bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The music video of this song, released on February 16, 2012, is about a terrible dream while dissecting a frog. A man dreams about hunting down frogs and dissecting it while serving time in prison. His dream begins when another man sorts pills into separate petri dishes and starts dissecting a frog to analyze its interior, while he hunts down frogs through the window using the sniper rifle. Then he goes out to bring more frogs in for dissection but he gets attacked by a slaver armed with an ax, dismembering his lower right leg. Snakes would start eating tissues where his leg was cut as a flock of sheep roam by. Then the man in lab apron went to check on him and found that he's brutally beaten, and confronted the ax man about the attack. The attacker swings an ax onto him one more time to make him perish. And then like the first scene of this video, the final scene shows the same man sitting in the cell after his nightmarish dream is over.

Lyrics Edit

Bloody century is upon thee
Revolution, war and disease
Earthquake, the cities falling
Catastrophe will kill the east
There will be fire
There will be famine, drought and plague
We will succumb in the arena
Thumbs down to seal our fate

World scum
Blood century eclipses the sun
Blood scum
The generation of sin returns

World scum, world scum
Bloody century eclipses the sun
Blood scum, blood scum
The generation of sin returns

Down at the gates, the gates of hell, open and fell
JFK shot in the head, conspiracy
Auschwitz, they breathe Zyklon B
Gas chamber they all marched in,
Many shall come, many shall go, many shall learn
Many live, many shall die, many shall burn
One thing is certain, we all share the guilt
We’ll die alone in the house religion built

World scum
Bloody century eclipses the sun
Blood scum
The generation of sin returns

World scum, world scum
Bloody century eclipses the sun
Blood scum, blood scum
The generation of sin returns

Procreation of the wicked
Mass slaughter of the weak
Mustafa and his children
Knife down and kill the living

Eternal devastation
Eternal devastation

The brutal human instinct
The spirit of inhumanity
Scum of a species failing
Holy war, death knell tolling

Eternal devastation
Eternal devastation

Assassination of the czar
No more kings, no more czar
Damnation on the rise
Baptized by fire

A warning I see in these eyes
You cannot put a price on life
Holy purge will crack the sky
Terror screaming in the dark

H-bomb, dropped out on the front
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, brutality
Armageddon draws a Meggido
The final war, the antichrist and Jesus
Arise descendents of Babylon
Judgement day has come and gone
Words of hate, words of filth and on and on
Influence for generations beyond

The final war, the antichrist and Jesus
The final war, the antichrist and Jesus
The final war, the antichrist and Jesus

Videos Edit

Soulfly - World Scum05:22

Soulfly - World Scum

Soulfly - World Scum (Live) Feat05:38

Soulfly - World Scum (Live) Feat. Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation

Soulfly - World Scum OFFICIAL VIDEO05:01

Soulfly - World Scum OFFICIAL VIDEO

Directed by Thomas Mignone

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