4th track of the album Soulfly
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration 6:02
Genre(s) Nu metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Ross Robinson, Josh Abraham, The Rootsman, Roy Mayorga
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Released on January 21, 1999
Record label Roadrunner

"Tribe" is a song recorded by Soulfly. It is played as the fourth track of the 1998 self-titled album Soulfly. It is the fourth single released by the band, exactly nine months after the album came out. "Tribe" plays the berimbau performed by Max Cavalera during the first minute of this six-minute song while the background sings softly in Portuguese. Drums sounding like tin cans would kick off chorus that would feature swirling downtuned metal riffs. Drumming would gradually forge into riffs until tribal drums comes in during the last 90 seconds of the song. The final part of this song would then play the same rhythm as the tribal part in metal.

"Tribe" is a very fan-friendly song due to its title since Tribe refers to Soulfly and their fans. Because of this, "Tribe" plays in front of the fans many times; of all the Soulfly songs, only "Back to the Primitive", the leadoff track of the next album, was played in concerts more.

Lyrics Edit

Zumbi e o senhor das guerras
Zumbi e o senhor das demandas
Quando zumbi chega
E zumbi quem manda
Crenca popular

Your tribe our tribe
Your life our life
Your tribe our tribe
Your life our life
Your tribe our tribe
Your life our life
Your God our god
Your tribe our tribe


Your tribe our tribe
Your God our god
Your tribe our tribe
Your tribe my tribe

Hear the drums they come from the sea
Bring the tribal spirit on me
Cause my pride and my roots I believe
No this tribe you can t take it from me

Apalai apiaca arara botocudo
Goitaka guarany yamamadi ypixuna
Maori aboriginal zulu banshee
Mohican masai hopi panga
Omai asaro xingu buli
Guaikuru tukano tupinamba karo

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Tribe - Soulfly

Tribe - Soulfly

Soulfly - Tribe (Live)

Soulfly - Tribe (Live)

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