"The Dark Ages"
1st track of the album Dark Ages
Sung by (Instrumental)
Duration 0:47
Genre(s) Dark ambient
Composed by Max Cavalera
Produced by Max Cavalera
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"The Dark Ages" is a song recorded by Soulfly. It is played as the first track of the 2005 album Dark Ages. This 47-second dark ambient intro may remind listeners of being in a dark world while hammer-like sounds can be heard. The drums and guitar at the end of this track would set up for the next track "Babylon". Some Soulfly fans wish that this track should've been the intro part of "Babylon". Fans who have this song on their computer or on portable media devices could merge this intro into "Babylon" via audio editor software.

Video Edit

Soulfly Intro Dark Ages

Soulfly Intro Dark Ages

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Personnel Edit


Session musician



  • John Gray – engineering, recording, digital editing
  • Milan "Bare" Barković – additional recording engineering
  • Alexkid – additional recording engineering
  • Darya Jubenko – additional recording engineering
  • John Bilberry – assistant engineering
  • Matt Marksbary – assistant engineering
  • Justin Salter – assistant engineering
  • Terry Datemixing
  • June Murakawa – assistant mixing
  • Ted Jensenmastering
  • Max Cavaleraproduction

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