"Soulfly VIII"
14th track of the album Enslaved
Featuring Tim Sadow
Sung by (Instrumental)
Duration 4:23
Genre(s) Progressive folk
Composed by Max Cavalera
Produced by Max Cavalera, Zeuss
Previous track
"Soulfly"-titled song series
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"Soulfly VIII" is a bonus track of the Soulfly album Enslaved, released in 2012. It is the band's eighth installment of Soulfly-titled songs and the first that is not played on the standard album. "Soulfly VIII" is a progressive folk instrumental featuring a violin performed by Tim Sadow, the only Soulfly song to feature a violin. The guitar by Marc Rizzo sounds like U2's The Joshua Tree.

A good reason why Max Cavalera didn't include this instrumental on the standard album, despite all of the previous band-title songs were included as standard tracks, is because he judged that some fans may not like this song, partly because of the song's uniqueness. Thus this album where this song belongs is so heavy that he didn't want to ruin the heaviness, according to Max. So this song is included as the final track on the deluxe album edition and as second-to-last track on the Japanese album edition.

Video Edit

Soulfly - Soulfly VIII04:25

Soulfly - Soulfly VIII

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Personnel Edit


Band members


  • Tim Sadow – violin

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