"Soulfly II"
10th track of the album Primitive
Sung by (Instrumental)
Duration 6:04
Genre(s) World
Composed by Max Cavalera
Produced by Toby Wright, Max Cavalera
Previous track
"The Prophet"
Next track
"In Memory of..."
"Soulfly"-titled song series
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Soulfly II is an instrumental track on the album Primitive . The Roman numeral in its title denotes that this is the sequel to the band-titled song "Soulfly" played on the band-titled last album. Like the last and all the subsequent editions of eponymous songs, "Soulfly II" has no vocals and therefore an instrumental track, featuring numerous instruments, including congo drums that starts the song, piano, sitar, jaw-harp that produces twangs, and various wind instruments. Max Cavalera, who doesn't play any instrument for this track, describes "Soulfly II" as having similar sounds to Dead Can Dance.

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Soulfly 2

Soulfly 2

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Personnel Edit


Band members

Session musicians

  • Toby Wright – clarinet, piano, keyboards
  • Zak Sofaly – percussion
  • Larry McDonald – Jamaican percussion
  • Meia Noite – Brazilian percussion

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