The following lists the performers from outside the band who collaborated with Soulfly, often for just one song. There are three different guests in the list who was or would eventually become a Soulfly member, notably Zyon Cavalera who collaborated for five songs before he finally joined with the band full-time.

Guest Home band Peripherals Song Album
Isabel Adelman Pledge of Allegiance voice "One Nation" 3
Rob Agnello backing vocals "Bumba" Soulfly
Wiley Arnett Sacred Reich guitar "One Nation" 3
Grady Avenell Will Haven vocals "Pain" Primitive
Isaac Ayala vocals "Pain" (live at Ozzfest 2000) 3
Tom Araya Slayer vocals "Terrorist" Primitive
Burton C. Bell Fear Factory vocals "Eye for an Eye" Soulfly
Eric Bobo Cypress Hill backing vocals "Bumba" Soulfly
backing vocals "Umbabarauma" Soulfly
percussion "Umbabarauma" Soulfly
Roman Cacakhanyan duduk "Soulfly X" Archangel
Mario Caldato Jr. Beastie Boys backing vocals "Bumba" Soulfly
backing vocals "Umbabarauma" Soulfly
Jade Carneal Pledge of Allegiance voice "One Nation" 3
Igor Cavalera Jr. 2 Lody Kong vocals "Blow Away" Soulfly
"tuu tuu" voice "Mulambo" Primitive
Pledge of Allegiance voice "One Nation" 3
drums "Your Life, My Life" Omen
vocals "Revengeance" Enslaved
vocals "Bloodshed" Savages
vocals, bass "Mother of Dragons" Archangel
Richie Cavalera Incite vocals "Bleed" (live) Soulfly
vocals "Tree of Pain" 3
vocals "Staystrong" Dark Ages
vocals "Revengeance" Enslaved
vocals "Mother of Dragons" Archangel
Roki Cavalera intro voice "You Suffer" Archangel
Zyon Cavalera 1 Lody Kong 'You think you all good' voice "Bumbklaatt" Soulfly
foosball sound "Mulambo" Primitive
Pledge of Allegiance voice "One Nation" 3
drums "Refuse/Resist" Omen
drums "Revengeance" Enslaved
Dino Cazares Fear Factory guitar "Eye for an Eye" Soulfly
Dave Chavarri Ill Niño drums "Under the Sun" 3
Noah Corona Pledge of Allegiance voice "One Nation" 3
Hornsman Coyote Eyesburn vocals, trombone "Moses" Prophecy
vocals "Innerspirit" Dark Ages
Dayjah The Disciples vocals "Soulfly" (Eternal Spirit mix) Soulfly
vocals "Soulfly" (Universal Spirit mix) Primitive
Ljubomir Dimitrijević kaval, gemshorn, zurla, gajde, diple, bagpipes, flutes "Execution Style" Prophecy
"Born Again Anarchist" Prophecy
"Soulfly IV" Prophecy
bagpipes "In the Meantime" Prophecy
Jean-Pol Dub didgeridoo "Touching the Void" Conquer
Fred Durst Limp Bizkit vocals "Bleed" Soulfly
David Ellefson 2 Megadeth bass "Riotstarter" Dark Ages
Dez Fafara Coal Chamber, DevilDriver vocals "Redemption of Man by God" Enslaved
Neil Fallon Clutch vocals "Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla" Savages
Pavel Filippenko backing vocals "Molotov" Dark Ages
Greg Hall Sacred Reich drums "One Nation" 3
drums "I Will Refuse" 3
Jamie Hanks I Declare War vocals "Fallen" Savages
Mitch Harris Napalm Death vocals "K.C.S." Savages
Jeff Hollinger vocals "Pain" (live at Ozzfest 2000) 3
Los Hooligans
backing vocals "Bumba" Soulfly
backing vocals "Umbabarauma" Soulfly
Chuck Johnson backing vocals "Bumba" Soulfly
percussion "Soulfly" Soulfly
backing vocals "Umbabarauma" Soulfly
percussion "Karmageddon" Soulfly
Todd Jones Nails vocals "Sodomites" Archangel
Sean Lennon vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer "Son Song" Primitive
DJ Lethal Limp Bizkit turntables "Bleed" Soulfly
turntables "Quilombo" Soulfly
Cristian Machado Ill Niño vocals "One" 3
Danny Marianino North Side Kings vocals "Call to Arms" 3
vocals "Defeat U" Prophecy
Billy Milano Method of Destruction vocals "Molotov" Dark Ages
Chino Moreno Deftones vocals "First Commandment" Soulfly
vocals "Pain" Primitive
The Mulambo Tribe
backing vocals "Mulambo" Primitive
Jose Navarro feedback effect "Terrorist" Primitive
Justus Olbert Cutthroat Logic rapping "In Memory of..." Primitive
Fedayi Pacha
duduk, percussion "Touching the Void" Conquer
Deonte Perry drum programming "Son Song" Primitive
rapping, drum programming "In Memory of..." Primitive
Dave Peters Throwdown vocals "Unleash" Conquer
Mark Pringle backing vocals "Defeat U" Prophecy
Greg Puciato The Dillinger Escape Plan vocals "Rise of the Fallen" Omen
Asha Rabouin vocals "Flyhigh" Primitive
vocals "Tree of Pain" 3
backing vocals "I Believe" Prophecy
vocals "Wings" Prophecy
Babatunde Rabouin Cutthroat Logic rapping "In Memory of..." Primitive
Jason Rockman vocals "Pain" (live at Ozzfest 2000) 3
Travis Ryan Cattle Decapitation vocals "World Scum" Enslaved
Tim Sadow The Brazen Heads violin "Soulfly VIII" Enslaved
Zak Sofaly Incite percussion "Soulfly II" Primitive
Corey Taylor Slipknot, Stone Sour vocals "Jumpdafuckup" Primitive
Anahid Vader Master of Persia vocals "Mother of Dragons" Archangel
Tommy Victor Prong vocals "Lethal Injection" Omen
David Vincent Morbid Angel vocals "Blood Fire War Hate" Conquer
Benji Webbe Dub War, Skindred backing vocals "Bumba" Soulfly
vocals "Quilombo" Soulfly
vocals, chains "Prejudice" Soulfly
Christian Olde Wolbers Fear Factory bass "No" Soulfly
Matt Young King Parrot vocals "Live Life Hard!" Archangel

1 Now the current member of Soulfly
2 Former member of Soulfly

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