5th track of the album 3
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration 2:35
Genre(s) Nu metal, thrash metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Max Cavalera
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"L.O.T.M.", which stands for "Last of the Mohicans" is a track of the Soulfly album 3, released in 2002. The song title was originated from the novel of the same name published in 1826 and the lyrics were written based on the novel's plot. This song is dedicated to metal fans. The outro features a bassoon and voices from a crowd.

Lyrics Edit


No follow no trends
We know you are too fake
The song remains insane
And we are here to stay
Against all odds we go
Follow our hearts and souls
We'll take you to the unknown
Our message to the world
Last of the Mohicans
Last of the Mohicans

Our tribe spreads everywhere
Sell-out I say, "Fuck that"
You better show respect
'Cause we're not like the rest
The rhythm and the rage
The blood spills on the stage
Oh god give me the strength
And guide us 'till the end
Last of the Mohicans
Last of the Mohicans

Une, dos, tres, quad


Videos Edit

Soulfly - L.O.T.M02:36

Soulfly - L.O.T.M.

Soulfly - L.O.T.M02:11

Soulfly - L.O.T.M. (Live @ Montreux Jazz Festival 2002)

More videos

Personnel Edit


Band members

Session musicians

  • Matthew Clark – chant vocals
  • Susan Clark – chant vocals
  • Michael Cook – chant vocals
  • Jose Navarro – chant vocals
  • Ray Clark – chant vocals
  • Katherine Clark – chant vocals
  • Jeremiah Cook – chant vocals
  • Danielle Cook – chant vocals
  • Christina Newport – chant vocals
  • Jason Cavalera – chant vocals
  • Ellie Guffin – chant vocals
  • Emma Guffin – chant vocals
  • Tom Guffin – chant vocals
  • Cindy Guffin – chant vocals
  • Mark Pringle – chant vocals
  • Mark Corona – chant vocals
  • Stephanie Cook – chant vocals
  • Paul Guffin – chant vocals
  • Kenny Carruth – chant vocals
  • Leo Mooney – chant vocals
  • Natasha Cook – chant vocals
  • Zyon Cavalera – chant vocals
  • Igor Cavalera Jr. – chant vocals
  • Jade Carneal – chant vocals
  • Noah Corona – chant vocals
  • Otto D'Agnolo – keyboards

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