3rd track of the album 3
Sung by Max Cavalera, Marcelo Dias
Duration 4:46
Genre(s) Nu metal, groove metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Max Cavalera
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"Seek 'n' Strike"
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"Enterfaith" is a track of the Soulfly album 3, released in 2002. This song begins with steam-rolling riffs and heavy yells, then the guitars chug and churn fast, and the song ends with several a capella yells of 'Faith is a weapon!', though 'Faith...' and ' a weapon' are often separately chanted repeatedly at times. This song is named after enterfaith, a person who achieved success through faith in god.

Lyrics Edit

Frustration turning, turning around
All the barriers unbound
Stomping the feet, moving the ground
Unexplained, it can't be found

Purity like the unborn
Riding the storms
Motivation comes from beyond
The storms

Deeper and deeper in every way
Penetrates the wound again
Deep and deeper everyday
Penetrates the wound again

It's not what you see, it's what you feel
You can not explain, but it's so real
This is our fate, no one can kill

From birth, this has been sealed
Forever and ever without an end
So I say
Follow your heart, never pretend

The last will be first, it has been said
Deeper and deeper in every way
Penetrates the wound again
Deep and deeper everyday
Penetrates the wound again

Faith... On and on
Faith... To carry on
Faith... No transgression
Faith... Is a weapon

Faith is a weapon! [repeated]

Video Edit

Soulfly - Enter Faith04:47

Soulfly - Enter Faith

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Personnel Edit


Band members

Session musicians

  • Meia Noite – Brazilian percussion
  • Otto D'Agnolo – keyboards

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