Cavalera Conspiracy is a metal band formed in 2007 by Max Cavalera and his brother Igor Cavalera Sr. Max quit Sepultura in 1996 while Igor just quit Sepultura in 2006. It is the third band formed by Max Cavalera as well as the second between Max and his brother. The music of Cavalera Conspiracy was influenced by Soulfly and Sepultura.

Albums Edit

Inflikted is the debut album by Cavalera Conspiracy, released in 2008, the same year as Soulfly's Conquer. Inflikted represents the first album featuring these two Cavalera brothers (Max and Igor) in twelve years since Sepultura's Roots. The debut album has musical elements resembling early death/thrash metal era Sepultura such as Beneath the Remains. Tracks on Inflikted include the leadoff title track "Inflikted", "Sanctuary", "Black Ark", "Ultra-Violent", and "Bloodbrawl".

Their second album is Blunt Force Trauma, released in 2011. Tracks on that album include "Killing Inside", "Thrasher", "I Speak Hate", "Target", and "Genghis Khan". Their third album is Pandemonium, released in 2014. Tracks on Pandemonium include "Babylonian Pandemonium", "Bonzai Kamikaze", "Scum", "Apex Predator", and "Father of Hate".

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