"Carved Inside"
Carved Inside
4th track of the album Dark Ages
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration 3:35
Genre(s) Thrash metal, groove metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Max Cavalera
Previous track
"I and I"
Next track
"Arise Again"
Released on September 25, 2005
Record label Roadrunner

"Carved Inside" is a track of the Soulfly album Dark Ages, released in 2005. This song contains an old school thrashy tune performed by four-string guitar, plus harmonic vocals and didgeridoo. The song lyrics is about finding a soul inside one's self.

The music video for "Carved Inside" was filmed at a 700-year old fortress on the Danube River shores in Serbia and Romania. The video is described as "dark and full of fire" according to the official band website. The video has scenes of the sign carved on the stone reads "They are trying to bring us down."

Lyrics Edit


Carved inside, carved outside
Scream at the sky, forever fight
My peace of mind, I got to find
True peace of mind, so hard to find

I feel your soul inside
Carved inside

They try to bring us down
We're growing all around
Inside you must be free
To find your destiny

Lose yourself
Find yourself
Nothing to prove
To nobody else

Feel your soul inside
Carved inside

My life is mine
My right is mine
Your eyes petrified
Fire from inside

Carved inside, carved outside
Feel your soul glow, in the sky
Let your soul now, move the world now
Feel your soul now, let your soulfly

You must change from
Inside out
You fall, we rise
Inside out

You must change from
Inside out
You fall, we rise
Inside out

Videos Edit

Soulfly - Carved Inside03:36

Soulfly - Carved Inside

Soulfly - 10 - Carved Inside - Live at Metalmania 2009-03-06 HD03:30

Soulfly - 10 - Carved Inside - Live at Metalmania 2009-03-06 HD



Directed by Milos Djukelic

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Session musician

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